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Practice your listening

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  Make sure you make the most out of your input sessions and the tips your CELTA tutors give you: hone up your listening skills!











Extra Listening Practice - American Accents - You will need a headset or good speakers 


General Listening Quizzes

[ Listen to Everyday Conversations with Adult and Children's Voices ]

A Student Credit Card 
A Healthy Lifestyle 
A Hiking Family 
A Story to Remember 
Back to School Supplies 
Baking Cookies 
Breakfast Recipes 
Budget Hotel Rooms 
Car Rental 
College Majors 
College Textbooks 
Computer Sales 
Dinner Time 
Driver's License 
Emergency Call 
Exercise Program 
English Language Center 
Great Apartment Living 
Grocery Shopping 
Haven't We Met Before? 
Holiday Traditions 
Japanese Public Bath 
Just a Haircut, Please! 
Leisure Activities 
Medical Advice 
New York Travel 
Party Invitations 
Personal Security 
Pizza Delivery 
Radio Advertising 
Saturday's Chores 
Show Times 
Snacks and Candy 
Street Market 
Taxi Ride (Medium) 
Towing Service 
Traffic Ticket 
TV Guide 
Vacation Plans 
Weekly Activities 
World Cup Soccer 
World of Computers

Adsense: Making Money 
72-Hour Emergency Kit 
A Free Cell Phone! 
A University Degree 
ABCs of Money Matters 
Cancer Treatment 
Car Accident 
Car Repairs 
Dating Woes 
Driving Road Test 
Enjoying the Zoo 
Easy Pet Care 
Flower Shop 
First Mountain Bank 
Friday Night Mishaps 
Friendly Dental Care 
Funerals: Expressing Condolences 
Furniture Store Ad 
Home Repairs 
Home Security 
Hotel Check-In 
Housing Complaints 
It's a Home Run! 
Job Hunting 
Movie Review 
Personal Problems 
Professional Babysitting 
Refinancing Mortgage Loans 
Rental Shop (Version A) 
School Report 
Security Systems 
Store Returns 
Summer Camp 
Taxi Ride (Difficult) 
The Ideal Woman 
Trivia Game Show 
Utah Travel Ad 
Video Game Systems 
Wedding Anniversary 
Where's the movie theater?



Listening Quizzes for Academic Purposes

[ Prepare for TOEFL/TOEIC Tests with These Lectures, Interviews, and Conversations ]

Arches National Park 
Business Meeting 
ESL Program Meeting 
First Day of Class 
Internet Access 
Saving the Earth 
The Four Seasons 
Taped Library Tour 
Tour of Kyoto, Japan
Airport Announcement 
Battle at the Front 
Dream Team X 
Exotic Animal Kingdom 
Friday's Weather Forecast 
I Love Trees 
Lawsuit Settlement 
Space Radio Theater 
The Christmas Gift 
The Japanese Economy
Very Difficult 
A Greener World 
A Rare Solar Eclipse 
A Visitor from Space 
Campaign Speech 
Cosmetic Surgery 
Learning Languages 
Our Aging Society 
Raising Successful Children 
Traffic Report 
Travel Log 
World News Stories



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